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The Peking Man
Fun Facts
Who is the Peking Man?
What did they Find?
Important Dates
Fun Facts

- The site where peking man was excavated was a fire pit.

- After closly obverserving the skulls found at Zhoukan Cave, scientists have concluded that Peking Man was hunted by humans. After being killed, Peking Man's body was taken to the cave and the humans ripped open his skull and devoured his brain. However, there are some scientists who disregard this theory as false. No one really knows for sure how he died.

- In 1933, a number of modern human bones were found in the upper portion of the same cave. Remember that ancestrial forms of an organism can coexist with the more evolved type.

- Before Peking Man was classifed as Homo erectus, the new humaniod type was assigned to Pithecanthropus and Sinanthropus.

- Peking Man was named after the city where it was discovered, Peking, China.

- Peking Man was believed to be 500,000 years old.

- A motion picture was made after the discovery of Peking Man about his life.

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